What you should know about LCHF for vegetarians – and GI diets for that matter

LCHF for vegetarians – how does it actually work in practice? LCHF is a diet that has been popular for a long time and now and even LCHF cookbooks for vegetarians is abundant, but do they stay within the range of what is defined as a low carb LCHF diet?

LCHF – if anyone has missed it – stands for Low Carb, High Fat and involves removing the carbs from your diet that can be removed and eat most of your calories in fat. Some authors advocate as much as 75% of the energy intake of fat.

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Lipids – or fat – types and functions

Lipids concept mapLipids – or fat as most people call them – have a bad rep and people who diet try to stick to “fat free” diets. It may work in the short term, but we do need some fats. Fat is needed to store energy and also to digest fat soluble vitamins. So, which ones should we eat and which ones should we avoid?

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Percentage Energy in food – what is it and how do you calculate it?

In some recipes, you can see that the percent of energy coming from for example carbohydrates have been added, but how does it work? In a recipe see, for example (23 E%) by number of g of carbohydrates:

Carbohydrates: 68 g (23 E%)

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