A portable fridge that will not add any extra weight!

In the heat of the summer it can be tricky to keep food cool. If you don’t want to drag around a cooler with you here is a trick to keep the food at the right temperature on a summer picnic or hike.

The night before, take two plastic bottles and fill them with 4/5 parts of water – beware that water expands when freezing! Put them in the freezer without the cork and let the water freeze to ice.

In the morning you screw the corks shut and use them to cool the food in your backpack. The ice will slowly melt during the day providing you with perfectly cool drinking water too!

Chocolate drink with zero calories – and healthy!

Sometimes I really crave a cup smoking hot chocolate… and a little hot chocolate once in a while is a good thing, though too frequently the calories will add up, and the amount of sugar consumed will add up.

I’m a tea lover, so I got ecstatic when I discovered Yogi’s tea with chocolate flavour – Yogi Choco – which tastes like a cup good chocolate, well almost. It’s nicely spiced with liquorice root, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and vanilla. Most of the ingredients are organically grown. But, the good stuff does not end there, as a bonus you also get a philosophical though with each cup tea. So far I’ve drunk three cup and had the following thoughts to enjoy with my tea:

“Heaven is in the depth of patience!”
“Stand by the strength of your soul.”
“Experience you cannot learn.”

Good tea, for body and for soul!

P.S. let I brew for at least 7 minutes!