Red lentil hummus with a fresh dash of lemon

Red lentil hummus with lemonHummus can be made in many different ways. Lentils is one. Hummus can easily be a bit dry flavour, but lemon helps lifting the taste.
The recipe gives 400 ml / 14 oz hummus. 10 portions is calculated if you take a spoonful on your sallad, if hummus is more of a feature calculate with 5 portions.
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The Daily Vegetarian – 10 easy to cook recipes

The Daily Vegetarian – 10 easy to cook recipes

The Daily Vegetarian - 10 easy to cook recipes”A unique cookbook combining good green vegetarian dishes with mindfulness. A new way of experiencing peace and quiet whilst cooking.”

“The Daily Vegetarian – 10 easy to cook recipes” contains a mix of stews, burgers, and oven baked recipes. ”The Daily Vegetarian” is an attempt to make the every day cooking easier. With 10 easy recipes, cooking healthy and tasty vegetarian food will be a real pleasure. If you are a beginner vegetarian it will give you a couple basic ideas before exploring vegetarian cooking further. The experienced vegetarian will love the variety of these recipes too. Recipes included:

  • Cilantro and cumin spiced carrot patties
  • Mixed bean burger in the oven
  • Maria’s cottage cheese burgers with kidney
  • beans, leek and parsley
  • Falafel – vegetarian chickpea balls
  • Sweet and saucy aubergine stew
  • Bean casserole with apple and carrot mustard flavour
  • Black bean pot with apricots and oranges
  • Green lentils spiked with rhubarb, spinach and ginger
  • Spinach lasagna with cottage cheese and carrot
  • Cabbage bake or cabbage pudding – a Swedish traditional dish

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Luxurious broccoli soup with feta cheese and hazelnuts

Broccoli soup with feta cheese and hazelnutsThis is no ordinary broccoli soup. It’s a real luxury soup. Topped with feta cheese and hazelnuts it feels like fine dining food. But, saying that, you can of course eat it on a Tuesday too!
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Chia porridge with coconut and raspberries

Chia porridgeChia seeds contain both protein and omega-3 and are often called a “superfood”. When soaked they turn into a jelly which means you can cook food according to the raw food principle. Without heating up the food. It is eaten cold and good as a summer porridge. They don’t taste much so adding something flavourful is good. The porridge can also be made with for example almond milk instead of water. If you are a vegan, swap the honey for agave syrup.

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Chocholate dream mousse with avocado and banana

Healthy chocolate mousseFinally! Even chocolate mousse or chocolate pudding can be healthy. Or at least healthier than the factory made variety. Topped with physalis fruits that gives the dish a nice fresh contrast it is a favourite. Swap the honey for syrup to make the dish vegan. For variety spice the dish with vanilla essens, cardamon or lemon. Can be kept in the fridge for a day, if it – against all odds – should be anything left to save.

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2-in-1: Almond milk and almond cream, lemon or liquorice raw food balls

Raw food balls with liquoriceTo make your own almond milk free from additives is easy. But, I think it’s a shame to throw out the leftovers. Use them to make almond cream or raw food balls. This recipe makes 600 ml / 1 pint of almond milk.
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