Lemon créme with raspberries and mango – a sugar free dessert

Lemon creme with raspberries and mangoA dinner can end with a healthy dessert that still adds that little extra. Lemon créme is a dessert with a fresh flavour and is suitable as a side for fruit sallads and other desserts or as a dessert on its own. Read the rest of the recipe…

Your daily energy need

pasta-sWhy does it say E % in the calorie count in the recipes?

People have different energy and protein needs. The NFA’s recommendations, rarely state in g or ounces how many of the different nutrients you need. Recommendations only tell you what of   your daily energy intake should come from carbohydrates, protein and fat.
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Halloumi and brussel sprout puree – a LCHF meal

Halloumi and brussel sprout pureeBrussel sprouts is usually one of the “leafy greens” that come very high in the list of vitamins and antioxidants. To eat brussel sprouts in a puree is a good way of getting the nutrients. Fry up some Halloumi – greek cheese – and you have yourself a meal.

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Black bean créme with sundered tomatoes

Black bean creme with sundered tomatoesA very tasty and quick to make bean créme. Can be eaten both with sallads and on a sandwich. Serve the créme warm or cold, both is nice.
Cooking time: 15 minutes using pre cooked beans.
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Lemon scented coconut nibs without any added fat

Lemon scented coconut nibsCoconut contains a lot of fat, so it’s unnessesary to add extra fat to the cakes. These coconut cakes can be done without adding any extra fat and with just a little bit of sweetening. With lemon peel they taste fresh and delicious. Don’t bake them too long, or they may get dry. If you want to add fat, use coconut oil. 1 or 2 tbsp is enough.
Cooking time: 25 minutes, including a tea break.

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Sprouts are good. And easy. And healthy.

Grodda gröna linserTo grow your own sprouts is easy, and a lot cheaper than buying a ready packet in the store. You don’t need any special equipment either, an empty jar works fine. You can sprout all kinds of seeds – but make sure to use the organic ones, they grow much better. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Sunflower seeds, mung beans, chickpeas and alfalfa seeds are my favourites.

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